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The construction industry in Hong Kong builds high-rise residential and office buildings with a variety of building technologies, such as reclamation, design and construction. Construction projects can be divided into three main categories:

1. Buildings (including residential, commercial, industrial / storage / services);

2. Structures and facilities (including transport, other public facilities, environment, sports and entertainment); and

3. Non-construction sites work (including decoration, maintenance and repair).

The electrical and mechanical maintenance industry covers aircraft maintenance, electrical machinery, firefighting, gas fuel, air conditioning and refrigeration, lifts and escalators, plant machinery, water services, telecommunications, railway electrical and mechanical services, and ship maintenance. The maintenance and inspection of electrical and mechanical equipment, as well as major infrastructure and building construction projects, require expertise in the mechanical and electrical industries. With the development of society and economy, the public safety awareness has increased, and hence the demand for mechanical and electrical workers has increased as well.

Industry Sharing

Mr Hung (Engineer)

(Collated transcript)

Cusson Lam (Building Services Engineer)

Cusson Lam is a building services engineer. He shared with us his main job duties and working hours, the source of accomplishment in working and how he strikes a balance between work and life. 

(Collated transcript)

Student Sharing

Student - Kammy (Building and Engineering)

(Collated transcript)

Student - Jason (Building and Engineering)

(Collated transcript)

Student - Ruby (Building and Engineering)

Ruby is a student studying Mechanical and Automation Engineering.  She shared the curricula and joy of studying this course as well as how to be better prepared before taking this major. 

(Collated transcript)

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