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To enhance the readiness of non- Chinese speaking (NCS) students and students with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) for work and further studies, Education Bureau has commissioned two non-governmental organisations, on a pilot basis, to organise work experience programmes over a three-year period as from the 2015/16 school year. The pilot projects have ended and the teaching materials developed in the pilot projects are provided for teachers’ reference as below.

“Multicultural Dream Pursuit Project” Resource Kit

“Pathway to Enrichment Project” Resource Kit

Traditional Chinese Version Only


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has commissioned the research team of Centre for Youth Research and Practice at Hong Kong Baptist University to conduct a research entitled "A Study on Education and Career Pathways of Ethnic Minority Youth in Hong Kong" in 2018.  The study results have been published in June 2020. One of the objectives of this research study is to make concrete policy recommendations on institutional support to facilitate successful transitions for EM youth and to draw up a practical guidebook for EM youth in education and career planning. 

Please click the link below to read the guidebook: 

Education and Career Pathways of Ethnic Minority Youth in Hong Kong: A Practical Guidebook (e-version) 

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