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Hong Kong is the publishing centre in Asia. The local printing industry provides strong support for the publishing industry, together with a mature communication network conducive to the media development. In addition, the Hong Kong Government policies protect the freedom of the press and speech with a liberal attitude towards the cultural industry. It is an important reason to attract many internationally renowned publications to base in Hong Kong. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the products of the publishing industry are no longer confined to the print media, and the electronic publishing industry is also a new trend.

Industry Sharing

Jackie Cheng (Senior media people)

(Collated transcript)

Marina Watt (Columnist)

Marina Watt is a columnist. She shared with us her main job duties and working hours. As well as her accomplishment from work and some advices to those who are interested in joining the industry. 

(Collated transcript)

Student Sharing

Student - Owen (Media and Publishing)

Owen – Hong Kong Studies (Student) Owen is a Hong Kong Studies major student, he shared the reason of choose this subject, the class schedule, the difficulties encountered during studies and how he overcame them. 

(Collated transcript)

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