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The nursing professions have a clear career path and prospects. With the ageing of Hong Kong’s population, the medical and nursing professionals in the industry are in great demand. In both private market and public sector, there are plenty of job opportunities and good pays and benefits. The medical and nursing grades comprise different categories, including medical and nursing staff, allied health care personnel and nursing staff.

Industry Sharing

Mr. Alvin Chow (Physiotherapist)

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Carmen (Registered Nurse and Midwife)

Carmen is a registered nurse and midwife. She shared the qualities a nurse should have, challenges for being a nurse, and her greatest accomplishment.

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Carley Chan (Speech Therapist)

Carley Chan is a speech therapist. She shared with us the reason she chose this job, as well as the main job duties and training needed for a speech therapist.

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Pete To (Occupational Therapist)

Pete To is an occupational therapist. He shared with us the reason why he entered this industry, as well as the requirements and prospects of this industry. Lastly, he gave some advice to young people who would like to join the industry.

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Student Sharing

Student - Kelvin (Medical Care)

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Student - Tiffany Lo (School of Chinese Medicine)

Tiffany LO - Student (School of Chinese Medicine) is a Chinese medicine graduate, she shared the reason of choosing this subject, how the things learnt helped and advices to students who want to join this industry.

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Student - Virgil Tsui (Medicine (MBChB))

Virgil Tsui is a student who is studying Medicine (MBChB) in university. He shared with us the reasons why he chose this programme, as well as the difficulties he faced and how he overcame his pressure in studying.

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Student - Chance Lam (Physiotherapy)

Chance is a student studying Physiotherapy. He shared the curricula, the pressures faced during study and advice to prospective students.

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