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Administrative and human resource management refers to a series of administrative and human resource policies and corresponding management methods. These methods mainly include enterprise human resources strategy formulation, staff recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, salary management, staff turnover management, staff relationship management, office supplies procurement, formulate and improve the internal regulations and so on. Enterprises use modern management methods, such as planning, organization, command, control and coordination, to achieve their goals. 

Industry Sharing

Queeine (Human Resources)

(Collated transcript)

Kidd Fung (Food factory CEO)

Videos sharing from each industry – Food Factory CEO Mr. Fung described the daily routine of his work, the pressures faced and how he broke with tradition and became successful.

(Collated transcript)

Student Sharing

Student - Christina (Administration and Human Resources)

Christina is a Corporate Governance student. She shared the course curricula, academic challenges and advice to prospective students.

(Collated transcript)

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