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15 Jul 2022

Plan for future pathways Seize the opportunities

The results of the 2022 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination will be released on 20 July 2022. This is a new chapter in life for S6 students.

The Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau continues to give encouragement to the candidates before and after the HKDSE Exam results release.  “All roads lead to Rome.”  Students shall never give up to achieve success through various channels, be proactive in exploring feasible pathways and plan ahead to realise their aspirations according to their interests, abilities and orientations.

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Sayings of Wisdom “All roads lead to Rome.” Poster

To support S6 students in preparing for the HKDSE Examination results release day, “Three useful tools for the release of the HKDSE Examination results”, namely e-Navigator, Further Studies and Career Map, and Compass@HKDSE are available on the Designated Webpage for S6 Students to provide students with timely and essential information about multiple pathways and various supporting services.


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