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Being the Conservator of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, Lyu Zhi-chao is responsible for the protection, restoration of paper collections and two-dimensional cultural relics and conservation of artefacts on loan. Received training from renowned conservators, Lyu Zhi-chao is an expert in restoring Chinese paintings and has worked at the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery of Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art, engaging in the restoration of numerous Chinese paintings. Examples include “Goat and Sheep” by the Yuan Dynasty artist Zhao Mengfu and the Ming Dynasty painting “Daoist deity: Marshal Xin of Thunder”. In line with the 2022 Policy Address, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will continue to collaborate with the West Kowloon Cultural District in grooming more professionals to develop Hong Kong into a regional centre for arts conservation and restoration. Lyu Zhi-chao also hopes that the public will have a better understanding of the industry so as to nurture more outstanding conservators for the museums of LCSD, contributing to the restoration of artefacts in Hong Kong with concerted effort.

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