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The innovation and technology industry in Hong Kong is dominated by commercialization, application and industrial engineering. A number of clusters of local and foreign-funded technology enterprises have been formed to actively carry out resources and development (R&D) and innovation activities in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is the major IT and telecommunications hub in the region, Hong Kong’s technology industry is actively engaged in R & D and innovative activities. As a result, many technology operators in Hong Kong design and develop hardware and software suitable for IT and telecommunications.

Industry Sharing

Mr. Wilkin (Technical general manager)

(Collated transcript)

Ms Debby LAU (Digital Project Executive)

Debby LAU shared her job duties, working environment and working hours as a Digital Project Executive.  She also encouraged young people who are ready to enter the industry to preview knowledge of Information Technology beforehand.  

(Collated transcript)

Student Sharing

Student - Kelly Chan (Computer and Information Systems)

Kelly Chan is a student studying Computing and Information Systems at university.  She shared how she set her life planning goals and how to overcome difficulties she faced during study.   

(Collated transcript)

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