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Design industry in Hong Kong covers a wide range of job areas and is mainly engaged in media, visual and graphic design, fashion and accessories design, and industrial design. The design sector’s continuous innovation of design work has promoted the development of the local economy. In addition, Hong Kong Design Centre organises events to gather design experts from all over the world to provide a professional communication platform for the industry and promote the development of the industry.

Industry Sharing

Susan (Designer)

(Collated transcript)

Andrew Fong (Logo Designer)

Mr Andrew Fong introduces the brand through brand naming and storytelling, and by using trademarks and mascots.

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Student Sharing

Student Sharing: Student - Joe Wong (Advertising design)

Joe is a student studying advertising design. He shared the abilities and qualities needed to take this course, as well as the experience and gains after taking the course.

(Collated transcript)

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