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19 Jun 2024

e-Learning Support Scheme 2024

The e-Learning Support Scheme ("eLSS") introduced under the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) of the Labour Department provides pre-employment training and job opportunities for young people who wish to pursue their career in information technology, education and multi-media industries, and at the same time, assists school to promote e-Learning. Recruited trainees will attend a free pre-employment training course provided by the Academy of The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong and are entitled to an allowance upon completion of the training with 80% or above attendance. Upon completion of training, trainees will undergo 12-month on-the-job training with pay at schools as an e-Learning Support Officer in September 2024. For details, please visit YETP website:


Eligibility and Job Requirement


•             School leavers aged 15-24

•             Educational attainment at Secondary 6 / sub-degree or below

•             No related academic qualification and work experience required

•             Lawfully employable in Hong Kong


If YETP trainees or other youths are interested in the above Scheme, please call 2382 1310 or visit the Scheme website to register for vacancies.



Please note:

1.      Those who have previously worked in the same participating school under any forms of employment or services are not eligible for the posts offered by the same school under the Scheme.

2.      Actual job duties and wages to be determined by employers.


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